View a complete list of JHU resources and information on policy and reporting here.


24/7 Peer-run Crisis Support and Resource Referral:

(410) 516 – 7887
Schedule an optional appointment here
One-on-one support and resource referral from trained JHU peers.

Please note that because SARU is a student group, its members are not required to report received calls to JHU campus officials. Students should be aware that information shared with SARU does not constitute a report or complaint of sexual violence filed with JHU.

24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline (JHU):

(410) 516-7333
Trained professional counselors from the JHU Counseling Center are available to students, and offer support, provide resources or answer questions 24/7.

TurnAround, Inc:

Hotline: 443-279-0379, 24-hour crisis intervention and referral
Tel: 410-377-8111
2300 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Provides crisis intervention, trauma therapy, victim advocacy, community education and training, accompaniment services and shelter.  More information here.

 Chana Baltimore:

Helpline: 410-234-0023,
CHANA offers a Jewish community response to the needs of those who experience abuse, trauma and neglect.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN):

Hotline: 800-656-4673
Online Hotline:  Click Here

1in6 (Male Survivors):

Online SupportLine: Click Here
Online Peer SupportGroup: Click Here for Times

The Anti-Violence Project (LGBTQ, HIV+, Spanish-Speaking Survivors):

Staffed by trained volunteers and our professional counselor/advocates to offer support to LGBTQ & HIV-affected victims and survivors of any type of violence. More information here.

House of Ruth (Domestic Violence):

Hotline: 410-889-7884
Legal Clinic: 1-888-880-7884
Tel: 410-889-0840
Provides emergency shelter, legal clinic, individual and group counseling. More information can be found here.

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project:  800-832-1901
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-88255
Baltimore Crisis Response: 410-752-2272
Ok2Talk (Teen/Young Adults): 800-273-TALK

Counseling Resources:

Sexual Assault Prevention, Education, and Response Coordinator:

Alysse Campbell
(410) 516-5133
3400 N. Charles St., AMR 2

JHU Counseling Center:

(410) 516-8278
3003 N. Charles St., Suite S-200
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Learn more here

View a complete list of JHU resources and information on policy and reporting here.

Medical Resources:

Mercy Hospital (24/7)

Anonymous, Jane Doe rape kits.  
Transportation: Hopkins Campus Security, JHMI (Peabody Stop), Taxi/Uber
301 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21011

Student Health and Wellness Center

STD Testing and Medical Care for Minor Injuries
Johns Hopkins University
3003 N. Charles Street, N200
Baltimore, MD 21218

Legal Resources:


(202) 600-7839
Legal Counseling and Assistance, Title IX and Clery Complaints. More Information Here.
Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault Legal Services: 301-565-2277, 877-496-SALI (toll-free)

SART Criminal Investigation Services: 410-887-2223

Sexual Assault Legal Institute: 877-496-7254